Saturday, October 23, 2010

Softie Swap

I just participated in a Softie Swap! Register, be assigned a swap partner, get to know them a little, then make a softie you think they will like. Post. Wait. Receive in turn. It was fun, I really enjoyed researching what I wanted to make. And I got to make my first ever rag doll, which I loved.

I just received mine yesterday, a lovely GREEN owl, as I do love green I am sure you can tell. I have named him Olivander.

Cute flower detail on his behind!

In his natural habitat....

So here it is, the doll I sent to eva, mei and me, who had a preference for all things Asian, pink, orange, buttons and teacups. Well 4 out of 5 aint bad!  I have included a couple of shots of her progress along the way, including a very voodoo like image of her pinned together!

Size reference, almost as big as your average toddler!

Don't mess with me, I can use pins!

Thanks the The Clip Cafe for hosting the swap. I should also mention that this doll, now named 'Amy' is not entirely of my own creation. As she was my first dolly attempt, I used a pattern I bought from One Red Robin, and can highly recommend her if you want to give one a try!


eva mei and me said...

Oh so cute, and she is all MINE ! Glad you took the pins out. thanks heaps

The Clip Cafe said...

My pleasure!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

antmee said...

awesome doll! Love it.

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