Saturday, October 23, 2010

Softie Swap

I just participated in a Softie Swap! Register, be assigned a swap partner, get to know them a little, then make a softie you think they will like. Post. Wait. Receive in turn. It was fun, I really enjoyed researching what I wanted to make. And I got to make my first ever rag doll, which I loved.

I just received mine yesterday, a lovely GREEN owl, as I do love green I am sure you can tell. I have named him Olivander.

Cute flower detail on his behind!

In his natural habitat....

So here it is, the doll I sent to eva, mei and me, who had a preference for all things Asian, pink, orange, buttons and teacups. Well 4 out of 5 aint bad!  I have included a couple of shots of her progress along the way, including a very voodoo like image of her pinned together!

Size reference, almost as big as your average toddler!

Don't mess with me, I can use pins!

Thanks the The Clip Cafe for hosting the swap. I should also mention that this doll, now named 'Amy' is not entirely of my own creation. As she was my first dolly attempt, I used a pattern I bought from One Red Robin, and can highly recommend her if you want to give one a try!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I just noticed something of mine was featured on the madeit blog, in a Christmas treasury, yay! I haven't put pics of them up here yet, feeling it was a bit early for Christmas stuff (!), but it's the 2 green Christmas stockings, bottom left corner, as seen below.

It's nice to see something of mine chosen and the extra publicity doesn't hurt either!

When the time is more appropriate, I'll post the rest of my stockings here, I might wait til at least November, unlike some of the shopping centres....

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