About me

Hello! Welcome to 'Handmade In a Beautiful Pea Green Boat"....

My name is Allie and I am a self confessed fabric addict! I am also a mum to 2 girls and a boy. I also work part time. In my 'spare time' (read; after dark when the kiddies are in bed) I love to create gifts for family and friends and seem to always tend towards making things for children and babies.

I specifically love all sorts of fabrics, sewing, hand embroidery, glass mosaics and card making. All my listed items are handmade by me at home on my study desk with some help from my friend Janome. I take pride in my work and enjoy what I do so I hope you enjoy them too.

My ultimate dream is to design, create and sell my own range of cloth dolls. I have all the ideas, I just need the time to put them into practice, hopefully you will see this develop here over time.

Thanks for visiting, and remember to buy handmade for those special gifts you need and support fellow artisans.

Allie xo

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