Friday, April 16, 2010

Snug as a bug....

in a rug.

or snug as a butterfly, if you like

Do you like my new 'Snug As A Bug' baby blanket? Soft bright pink brushed cotton (aka flannelette) and super soft embossed white mink fabrics. Very light and surprisingly warm.

The butterfly features beautiful floral and butterfly print wings, matching pink body and machine blanket stitched in place. Measures approx 93 x 76 cm.

I am very excited about some other colours of this soft minkie fabric and ideas I have for future blankets. And there will be boys varieties, I promise! I know most of my creations are girl oriented, I can't help myself seeing as I have girls of my own!

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Simpsonslover said...

Divine, Allie. Simply gorgeous!

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