Saturday, April 3, 2010

Claude Cat drawstring bag

I couldn't resist this black cat fabric, a beautiful linen like cotton from Japan; in the Kokka fabric range.

I would also like to draw your attention to the embroidered cat stitching on the casing. A fabulous little trick of my new gorgeous Janome. And the husband thought I'd never use the extra sttiches! Ha!

Ignore the fact that Claude himself ended up crooked. Does that just make him whimsical? I like to think so.

I tell you, it took all of my inner strength not to redo this, as it would have ruined it, plus all my work down the tube, so I have left him being cheekily crooked!


ChallenCharms said...

I actually bought this fabric about two weeks ago because I thought it was so cute. Glad to see someone else thinks so too. Are you by any chance based in Brissie?

beccyb said...

and who ever saw a cat sitting straight? that's just not how they do it. it's perfect.

Sausage Mama said...

I LOVE black cats. Your projects are really inspiring. I would love to make everything you've made here.

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