Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas dresses

A dear friend inspired me with some gorgeous patterns to make my girls some Christmas dresses. I must say I was quite pleased with the result. I have never really made clothes for the kids, these easy pieces have encouraged me to do some more.

First up, the Wrap Around-yet-elasticised-waist skirt (a must for tinsy waisted girls like her, and it's still a bit too big) for my Big Miss.... In Michael Miller Christmas Critters fabric and coordinating star inspired contrast fabric.

she clearly loves to model for me!

Then the reversible (I know!) Christmas pussycat dress for the Little Miss with cream and golden stars.

Version 1.0...

Version 2.0!

A closeup of my appliqued Christmas tree; the kitten placing the star at the top was a last moment inspirational choice!

not that keen on modelling, this one....
 This shot was the best I could get with many cranky expressions deleted straight from the camera!

and finally....

Ta da-aaa! See I can model when I want to Mum!

Made from patterns by Wink Designs


Being Me said...

Oh. My. STARS!!!!!!!

Ok, these are both my favourite things you've ever made (the dress and skirt.... well, and the girls come a close second ;). Never in the past four years (since I stopped) have I so wanted to start sewing again and making Lolly some clothes! I think I NEED that pattern for the wrap around.

eva mei and me said...

Beautiful christmas wear, I wish I had the time this year to do more stuff for my Lucy, well done !

Lisa said...

these are just gorgeous.I havent tried sewing clothes just yet.
hugs :)

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