Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

I whipped up these cards tonight for the mother and MIL for tomorrow, so scuse the awful night light shots!

Hope Mothers Day is special for you and yours


Being Me said...

Really, really lovely A!

Do you do the sketches yourself? I've been dabbling in sketching when I make my cards. Some have been so good that I'm kinda bummed they then become one-offs lol. So I think I will start keeping a sketch pad to doodle and then scan the good ones so I can make a little batch. Cheat, much? ;P

alliecat said...

Cheat much?! You are the good one if you draw, mine are merely stamps, albeit hand coloured!

I feel a bit uncreative now! :)

Skipper said...

When you see my cards, you may feel uncreative. Let's just say my MIL or Mum didn't see a handmade card this year.... it stayed safetly in the bin! :P I love them!!

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