Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rainbow the pink Scottie

Meet 'Rainbow' my latest softie attempt. Really, he was the purpose to my last Scottie dog attempt, and is much cuter I think. After a self designed softie attempt that ended in the bin this week, I do not think softies are my friends. But my Big Miss pleaded with me for this one after the giraffe got the can, so here he is in a lovely pink and white bear fur.

So named by her. She loves him and he was bestowed the honour of a bedtime berth, so approval has been won.

The first photo attempt. Dontcha just love how kids take you literally when you say, hold him up for me??

With and without flash, as I am no photographer and I can't decide which is a truer depiction. A mixture of both I suspect. He really is quite little, about 9 x 12cm. The Big Miss was used merely for scale!

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DaughteroftheStars said...

How lucky to have a mummy that can whip up a cute soft toy in the morning!

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